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Angry Mama
Angry Mama
Angry Mama
Angry Mama
Angry Mama

Angry Mama

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Cool Mama is the big, fun way to keep strong smells and bad smells of tainting the contents of your fridge, use daily baking soda or powder.
No matter how hard you try, your fridge can smell a source of some pretty strong. Or garlic, adult cheese, onions, fish or even forgotten things on the back of the veggie drawer. There is nothing worse than opening your refrigerator door, in search of fresh delicious food, and being greeted by more than just the light, as powerful scents waft in your face and spoil your appetite.
Cool Mama can end up wafting wiffs and put-you-off ponies.
Designed to be fun, easy to use and effective, she will stand guard on every shelf of your fridge, deodorize it and neutralize those annoying niffs inside, before they escape a chance.
Use the moisture-attracting qualities of simple purification salt or powder, cool Mama will be a whole month before they need refreshing herself.
And, because she knows how busy you are, she even has a built-in calendar there on her apron, reminding you when the month is up!
Just fill her head with baking powder or soda, the date on her apron, and let her learn on a shelf in the fridge that townie smells like a lesson!
Cool Mama makes a big gift for everyone with a fridge and, if she uses dishwasher safely and easily, there is a fridge scare she can handle. So if you want to put fridge smells in their place, put Cool Mama on the case!
And Cool Mama is the Magnetron Cleanerill Cool Mama with Water and vinegar. No Need to Use Hazardous Chemical Stain Removers.
DEATH. While Microwaving, Stoom Explosion from Mama \35;39's Head Hardened Most Fat and Dirt
Practical. Forget Scrobben for Hours. Cool Mom Savings Magnetron Cleaning Time in Less Than Half.
Quiet. Nice, smart design, will make a great gift for every occasion.
Hurt. Made with heat resistant materials. Top Rack Washing machine resistant
When you, How to use
(1): remove the top of Mama's hair by turning left sum. Pour vinegar and water to each of the respective markings. Replace the top and lock up the fight.
(2): microwave for 5-8 minutes at a high setting. After about two minutes steam will start to blow.
(3): Remove the Mama through the elbows.
(4): simply sweep down the microwave with a sponge, napkin or rag, and voila a spotless clean microwave
Package: 1x Cool mama Kitchen Gadget Tool

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